20 Jun 2020
pierce brosnan travel with mota

Pierce Brosnan and the MOTA style

Yes, we know… There hasn’t been much traveling lately but soon enough, we will be on the road again, for business if not for leisure and we decided to have a look at how Pierce Brosnan was spotted at the airport a couple of times and to learn how to do it from the best. We will also show you a couple of MOTA bags you could wear to achieve that look.

Pierce Brosnan - Travel in style with MOTA
Image from Getty Images / GQ

I mean… this is as good as it gets. A black fine wool polo t-shirt, grey pants that look like chinos (so quite casual) but could also go with a blazer, brown suede shoes and a cognac weekender bag. In addition, a dark brown woven belt, perfect grooming, sunglasses and a discreet watch on a leather strap.

Not too dressy and casual enough to feel comfortable on an airplane. Bravo, Mr. Pierce Brosnan!

Pierce Brosnan - Traveling in style - by MOTA

Or let’s have a look at this one. Same year, same beard, even the same duffle bag. Now the color combination is slightly changed with the light blue shirt, but it still looks crisp. Let’s not complain that a leather bag is too heavy to take it on our travels as a carry on…

Last one. No facial hair for this one but rocking the black-navy combination with a beautiful leather duffle bag, corduroy trousers and a casual navy blazer.

Mr. Brosnan is proving us that the idea of wearing sweatpants when you are traveling just to feel more comfortable is complete nonsense and that you can really make an appearance when you put a bit of effort into creating your outfit. And the bag is a part of it, as shown in these images. Of course, borrowing some Bond-like nonchalance always helps.

Here are a couple MOTA bags that we thought could help you upgrade your traveling attire:

Zappa Weekender bag in either black or brown

And of course, PAGAN

MOTA - Pagan Travel Bag

Well, please feel free to have a look at our STORE to discover the bag that is suitable for you and don’t forget to have a look on our instagram page, @mota_for_men for more inspiration.

Keep in touch and yes, thank you, Mr. Pierce Brosnan, for this demonstration of personal style.


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