04 Jul 2020
David Beckham British GQ Credits Matthew Brooks

David Beckham traveling in style

There is no question when it comes to David Beckham ‘s style – the man has seen it all, done it all, always in a way that was representative of the era and even a bit ahead of time, with consistency and adding his personal touch on it, making it his, owning it.

To discuss his success as a footballer would be futile, since we are no experts, just fans (man, was his Real Madrid time a golden age for world football). We’d rather focus on menswear or personal style and specifically, as we did with Pierce Brosnan last week, what bags has the man been wearing during his travels.

David Beckham MOTA travel style
Photo Credits Peck/Backgrid

It wouldn’t be fair to start otherwise than by honouring him and Victoria in a photo captured apparently in a train station. Impeccable as always, Beckham is wearing a beautiful olive green Trucker suede jacket, white t-shirt and tan corduroy pants. The bags couldn’t be other than the cream of the crop, a Louis Vuitton hard case briefcase and what it seems to be a Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Duffle bag.

Don’t you worry, David – if you ever wish to go niche with your bags, we got you covered.

How about our stylish, hand-woven Frattina?


Or maybe you like some color, this is a One of One piece:

Next, Beckham goes slightly military, but the denim tones it down. The bag is also a shade of green and it’s got his initial embossed on the side.

David Beckham and the MOTA style

Nice move. We also have our Bespoke service, just so you know.

In this last series of shots, we see another LV bag (we also like the herringbone coat!), a cognac duffle and probably the same Bottega as before, because, of course, there’s only so many bags one can own, and thoughtful consumption will become a habit, especially after this pandemic.

By the way, we like cognac too, and we like it a lot.

How have your ambitions changed in the past 20 years? is the question from a GQ intervew by Dylan Jones last year that we thought Beckham provided a spot on answer for:

“They haven’t, to be honest. I have always been ambitious in everything that I do. Whether it’s playing in front of 90,000 fans or playing with the kids at home. I always want to win. I always want to work hard. The reason I was ambitious as a footballer made me ambitious as a businessman. I have an office of 16 people now and I’m here almost every day when I’m not travelling. If the guys in the office never see me, it sets the wrong example – and I just really love the energy of the team and working together and I guess, in a way, dreaming together.”

Stay well, #FriendsOfMota, and don’t forget to show us how you’re wearing your bags @mota_for_men


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